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The Be Bothered Movement was created by youth and caring adults working to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use in Sacramento County. Together we are reshaping how our community views underage drinking and marijuana use.

Why should you care?

  • Underage drinking is a big problem in Sacramento County, with 43% of youth reporting use starting in the 9th grade.

  • Alcohol and marijuana damages young people's growing brains.

  • Youth who drink are five times more likely to become addicted as adults.

  • Alcohol and marijuana use lead to other drug use.

  • Youth who drink are more likely to engage in risky behavior, like having unprotected sex or drunk driving.

  • Kids who use marijuana regularly can decrease their IQ . Changes can be permanent, since the human brain develops until 25 years old.

Be Bothered Movement is a member of the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth (SCCY), a group of caring community members working together to make Sacramento a safe place for young people to grow up, free from the influences of substances that are addictive and harmful. Visit SCCY's Future Forward page to learn more about this unique youth marijuana use prevention campaign.

Staffing and coordination for Be Bothered Movement is provided by Center for Collaborative Planning, Public Health Institute.

We believe all youth should have an alcohol and drug free environment.

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